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We Saw a Need, and Found a Solution

Millions of people living in the United States speak English as a second language. We believe that everyone has the right to access the services they need.

Global Village specializes in making skilled, affordable interpreters and translators an accessible resource for businesses, social service institutions, and government agencies.  Our main office is based in San Diego, which is among the most diverse counties in our nation. The need has never been greater for professionally-trained interpreters that have a deep knowledge of the culture and needs of our nation's Limited English Proficient Population.

The incredible diversity of languages and dialects we now have in this country is a testament to the need for smarter, more diverse language service providers. We pride ourselves on our ability to serve almost any language but also on the knowledge of different dialects. One of our greatest strengths is to provide reliable access to languages of limited diffusion. Due to our work as a resettlement agency, we know which languages and dialects are going to be needed in the future and can help you prepare. We have a deep knowledge of the cultures, languages, and dialects that far exceeds your average interpretation business. We are unique. Our knowledge has been achieved not just by research, but by working and assisting with 1000’s of new arrivals over the past 20 years.

For over two decades, the Alliance for African Assistance has provided the solution. Global Village Language and Cultural Solutions offers in-person foreign language interpretation, written translation, over the phone interpretation, and American Sign Language interpretation for over 200 different languages and dialects. Give us a call today for a courtesy quote!

Trust your language and culture needs to the organization that knows this community best! 


  • "It's been a great experience, they are able to find translators of needed languages every time I put in a request."
    Letty R.
    Reproductive Non-Profit Organization
  • "Very easy referral for interpreters and great customer service."
    Angela K.
    Community Clinic