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Telephone and Video Interpretation

Video Remote Interpreting

We are excited to announce the launch of our video remote interpreting services in 2016! We are now recruiting interpreters and will be going live with this service, which will be Mac, PC, tablet, and smartphone compatible so you can be "face to face" with an interpreter wherever you are! 

 About Us

We now proudly offer our clients across the nation top-notch over the phone interpreting services. We use a proprietary, state of the art system to deliver language services with unmatched efficiency and accuracy. With a growing list of over 200 languages, we are confidently able to meet all of your language needs.



Our average speed of answer to a live Customer Service Representative (CSR) is 3.0 seconds. Once a CSR has identified the language and logged the billing information, The average connection time varies by language . For example, our average connection time to a Spanish interpreter is only 9.86 seconds. The languages that are most frequently requested typically experience the quickest connection time; other examples of these include Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, and Korean. Our average connection time to an interpreter for all languages is 16.5 seconds.

Phone Interpreters

One of the strongest characteristics that separates Global Village Language and Cultural Solutions from our competitors is that we utilize an independent contractor model . This connects us with a virtual network of thousands of U.S.-based interpreters and allows us to provide rapid connection times, seamlessly handle unexpected spikes in call volumes, and offer the greatest volume of interpreters ready to take your call. At any given time, we have approximately 25% more interpreters on call than anticipated call volume requires.  Using contract interpreters means we only pay them for the actual time they spend on the phone interpreting. This model allows us to keep our costs low, so we can afford to work with the highest quality interpreters in the country and compensate them duly, which further contributes to our consistently high interpreter rates.


We carefully select professional interpreters who possess comprehensive language proficiency with industry-specific expertise. This enables us to provide accurate, effective services, which minimizes call times and reduces the potential for liability.


Global Village Language and Cultural Solutions utilizes only highly qualified, professional interpreters with at least 2 years of confirmed experience and 40 hours of training prior to working with our organization. After our interpreters pass the minimum qualifications, all of our interpreters must complete a medical interpreter testing process that guarantees they are highly skilled in industry-specific terminology and competent in diverse medical settings. Prior to making any calls for us, the interpreters are required to complete HIPAA training and certification on an annual basis.


As self-employed professionals, our interpreters know that their livelihood and income is dependent on their ability to perform skillfully, reliably, and in full compliance with HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act.


Global Village Language and Cultural Solutions does not allow interpreters to accept calls from cell phones, only approved landlines in a secure workspace free of any background noise are used.



We have invested in proprietary blended applications that ensure the fastest connections times, most detailed analytics, and highest security available. In our current configuration, our platform can process over 1,000 concurrent calls. We constantly monitor call capacity to add additional resources and staff as volume continues to grow.


Because we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Global Village Language and Cultural Solutions is able to keep costs down and offer the most competitive rates in the area. We understand that with the growing Limited English Proficient population, our clients are concerned about keeping costs down.  We always strive to be the most affordable in the industry. If you are a large company with a high call volume, we offer a multi-tiered pricing structure to make our services even more affordable.  Give us a call today for a free quote.