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On-Site Interpretation

Our highly experienced in-person interpreters make communicating across cultures easy. We offer the most professional, affordable, and flexible interpretation services in the business! Book an interpreter for a medical appointment, educational assessment, legal hearing, special event, class, or conference today. We serve all of San Diego County with in-person interpretation, and the entire United States with our over-the-phone interpretation. 


For over two decades the Alliance for African Assistance has provided interpretation services to hospitals, health insurance companies, school districts, law offices, governmental agencies, and community based organizations.  Our services have grown exponentially since their inception, and we now confidently offer the best customer service and quality interpretation in the county.  Our unique entrenchment in the "new American" community gives us insights and dialectical knowledge that more removed interpretation companies lose. We are incredibly involved with our customers and their unique needs.  We implement customer feedback regularly, and meet quality improvement goals monthly.  

We recruit interpreters from a wide spectrum of interpreting backgrounds and specialties so that we can match the perfect interpreter for each appointment. Each interpreter goes through a one-on-one orientation and extensive testing when they start with us to ensure they are fully confident and capable in national interpreting ethics and standards. We maintain exceptional professionalism between interpreters and the clients they interpret for.  


Because we are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Global Village Language and Cultural Solutions is able to keep costs down and offer the most competitive rates in the business. We understand that with the growing limited English-speaking population, and the changes in health care reform, our clients are concerned about keeping costs down. Give us a call today for a free quote.


We pride ourselves on our ability to accommodate last minute requests. While most companies require a minimum of 2 days notice before an appointment, we understand the nature of business today isn't always that predictable.  We only require a one-hour minimum appointment duration, whereas most other companies have 2 to 3 hour minimums for every appointment.  Our interpretation services are available 24/7, with no extra charge for weekend or evening appointments.  Our helpful staff is responsive to late requests and will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule.